Peachy is a direct lender, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom, which can be best described with the following words – fast, easy, secure and responsible! Since starting its operations in June 2011, Peachy.co.uk has developed into a technological leader within the field of personal credit.

Considerable effort and investment has been made within the latest ‘state of the art’ technologies and features available which allows Peachy.co.uk to provide fast, thoroughly reliable and customer friendly service at all times in a compliant way. By employing the use of highly sophisticated software solutions within our services, our valued customers can engage in an interactive application process for short term loans.

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Uploan is a lending company specializing in personal loans for those who wish to take their lives to the next level.  Established in 2019, Uploan was created in 2019to help households who seek longer-term personal loans to support them in improving their lives; yet have been turned down by traditional high street lenders or do not wish to take a payday loan.

Uploan is proud that our team’s’ expertise not only consider providing loans to those who can really afford it; but demonstrate excellent customer service learnt from years of providing loans to those who really need it with our sister company Peachy. Uploan loan applications can be for home improvements, that major one-off purchase or other unexpected costs. Even better, Uploan can deposit funds to a successful applicants account within an hours.

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